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He was born on August 22, 1987 in Villa Clara, Cuba. He is a producer and musician with more than 16 years of experience in the national and international scene. From an early age he had an affinity for music listening to traditional Cuban music and other musical genres sung by his mother and grandmother. He played the milk canteens as if they were congas in a small group of traditional Cuban music formed by neighbors, just to liven up the evenings in the countryside, they were jokingly called El Trucho y los Truchitos. After that he was part of an amateur dance group in high school called Sincronía. Later he sang in a reggaeton-fusion group called Tumbao Cubano. Then he sang in a pop-rock group called Onda Cubana and there he began to have an affinity for the guitar and started to study it with guitarist friends of the band. In 2006 the Conjunto Artistico Comunitario Korimakao launched auditions to incorporate new artists in which he was approved as a singer of the orchestra and then actor. There he completed his musical studies as a professional musician and began to study the guitar in depth and to compose his first songs, based on trova, traditional Cuban music, gospel, rock, among others. Three years later he set out to pursue his dream as a singer-songwriter. He consolidated his career in Santa Clara, Cuba. There he was discovered by Alain Garrido, troubadour and one of the founders of Trovuntivitis in Cuba, who brought new influences to his music when composing. Thanks to Alain he also auditioned to join the Cuban salsa orchestra Alejandro y sus Onix. He has participated in events of international stature such as: El Longina, Festival del Bolero Santa Clara, and regular peñas at the Mejunje Cultural Center. As a producer and performer he has recorded in studios such as Sello Colibrí (Cuba), Yoshy Records (Colombia), Tigo Music (Colombia) and Yunta Records (Colombia). In 2020 he won the musical project “Mariposas al viento” under the first Portafolio Municipal de Estímulos Culturales de Sopó, Cundinamarca, where he excelled in the production of this event. He has produced music for national and international groups such as Korimakao, Alejandro y sus Onix and Orquesta La DC. From Cuba he had several songs of his authorship and a label ready to launch in a personal project which was founded on October 28, 2014 in Colombia, called Coluba, also founded by Jenny Araque and Sandra Araque. Alejandro is to date director, composer and arranger of the band. He is a creator of incidental music at Corporación Espacio Teatral.